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Statement: Why We Got Arrested at the University of Chicago

Four protesters demanding an expansion of trauma care services on the South Side were arrested during a sit-in at the University of Chicago Medical Center Sunday afternoon. The lack of trauma care services on the South Side is costing lives, and the University of Chicago should have a responsibility to its neighboring communities, demonstrators said. […]

Chicago Occupiers wait to be arrested in the early morning hours of October 16, 2011. (Photo: Sean O’Brien, All Rights Reserved)

All Charges from Occupy Chicago Mass Arrests at “The Horse” Dismissed

The mass midnight arrests of Occupiers in October at Grant Park were ruled unconstitutional by a Chicago court Thursday. The two nights of actions were part of a spirited attempt to “Take the Horse” (a reference to The Bowman statue) and set up an encampment in Chicago. In response, the Chicago Police Department alleged that […]

Rozalinda Borcilă, a member of the Whittier Occupation Solidarity Committee, speaks at a Community Open Mic on September 19, the first Sunday of the occupation started. In the background in green is Solidarity Committee member Laura Ramirez, UIC Ed PhD student, former CPS teacher and CPS parent. (Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee/Chicago Indymedia, Creative Commons)

“We Fought the City with Gatorade and Water”: A History of Parent Action

Parents and students as well as teachers were involved in the Chicago Teachers Union strike, and proved the power of direct action to get results. But for many parents of children who attend Chicago Public Schools, this was only the latest skirmish in an ongoing battle for education equality. 1994: Daley Elementary School When parents […]