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Satirical graphic at a No Keystone XL pipeline protest near an Obama $32,000-a-person fundraiser at Getty Mansion on April 4. (Photo: Steve Rhodes)

A View From Washington: Our First CEO President

If you’ve been thinking that Obama is a Democratic President fighting for a historic compromise called the Grand Bargain for whatever reason, you do not understand what is actually happening, argues Don Washington. President Barack Hussein Obama is our first CEO President. You probably don’t think of President Obama as a CEO, and you should […]

(Photo: Kevin Zolkiewicz, Creative Commons)

Paying More for Less: What’s Behind the CTA Cuts and Fare Hikes?

  We Chicagoans find ourselves in an absurd situation. The demand for public transportation services is soaring. The resources exist to vastly expand services – and repair aging infrastructure – in order to fully meet that demand. Yet we’re told that more cuts, on top of the devastating cuts pushed through in 2010, are simply […]

Two schools infographic

Education Apartheid: The Racism Behind Chicago’s School “Reform”

Dyett High School students are not allowed to enter the front door of their school. Instead, the more than 170 students at the Southside high school enter through the back. From there, they must spend their day pushing through other students in the one open hallway, after half of the building was placed off limits. […]