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Rozalinda Borcilă, a member of the Whittier Occupation Solidarity Committee, speaks at a Community Open Mic on September 19, the first Sunday of the occupation started. In the background in green is Solidarity Committee member Laura Ramirez, UIC Ed PhD student, former CPS teacher and CPS parent. (Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee/Chicago Indymedia, Creative Commons)

“We Fought the City with Gatorade and Water”: A History of Parent Action(Comments Off on “We Fought the City with Gatorade and Water”: A History of Parent Action)

September 20, 2012

Parents and students as well as teachers were involved in the Chicago Teachers Union strike, and proved the power of direct action to get results. But for many parents of children who attend Chicago Public Schools, this was only the latest skirmish in an ongoing battle for education equality. 1994: Daley Elementary School When parents […]

Diana Berek and Lew Rosenbaum

Public Schooling: Why Support Chicago Teachers?

Despite what the political and media elites would like you to think, a recent poll showed 55.5% of Chicago households support the Chicago Teachers Union Strike. Why? In the weeks leading up to the strike, we spoke to members of the Chicago Teachers Solidarity Campaign about why they’re on the side of teachers, parents and […]

Two schools infographic

Education Apartheid: The Racism Behind Chicago’s School “Reform”

Dyett High School students are not allowed to enter the front door of their school. Instead, the more than 170 students at the Southside high school enter through the back. From there, they must spend their day pushing through other students in the one open hallway, after half of the building was placed off limits. […]

CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard (standing) and Board of Education members wait as protesters’ chants fill the board chambers on December 14, 2011. (Photo: Linda Lutton / WBEZ, Creative Commons)

Melting the Rubber Stamp: Chicago’s Unelected Board of Education

The seven members of Chicago’s Board of Education, along with CEO Jean-Claude Brizard, are, in theory, responsible for the governance of the city’s schools. In reality, they are only accountable to the man that appointed them—Mayor Rahm Emanuel. As anyone who has ever witnessed a board hearing knows, members like Hyatt heiress Penny Pritzker and […]

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